1. Players and parents must enter the gym through the front door and must exit through the back door. 

2. Players and parents must remain outside prior to the start of the session. 

3. PLEASE do not enter the facility if you have symptoms of respiratory illness including fever, cough or shortness of breath. 

4. Players and parents must sanitize their hands before entering the facility. 

5. Players must sanitize their basketball before and after each session. 

6. Players and parents must bring their own personal mask/facial covering. Must be worn at all times in the facility. 

7. Players must bring your own personal bottle of water and players/parents cannot refill water bottles in the kitchen. 

8. No loitering in the facility before/after sessions. 

9. Only one parent is allowed in the gym during the session. No siblings (unless they are working out with the group) will not be permitted to stay in the gym during the session. 

10. Social Distancing will be applied at all times in the facility even during the workout.